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Enchantment Resort | Executive Chef Ted Cizma


As the son and grandson of butchers, an interest in food came naturally for local chef Ted Cizma.  “I was influenced from an early age by the two most important men in my life,” Cizma said.

“My grandfather taught me to respect and appreciate the food we cook and eat,” he said.   “My first job cooking was in a local Italian restaurant at age 13.  I fell in love with the atmosphere and camaraderie of the kitchen, not to mention the opportunity to eat good food at will.”

Today, Cizma is the Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director at Enchantment Resort in Sedona, where his Southwestern inspirations shine.  “I seek to use ingredients that are reflective of the Southwest and give the food a sense of place,” Cizma said.  “Of course, we use the best possible products and try to keep the preparations simple, elegant and approachable.” And eco-friendly too.

“Conservation is one of my personal missions. We use only seafood that is raised or harvested in a sustainable fashion, we use locally grown and produced items as much as possible, we compost, recycle and reuse extensively,” he said.


Buying locally is very important to him, as the menu is sometimes based on what is available, Cizma added.  “I start with what’s available, both seasonally and locally,” he said.   “Sometimes a trip to the farmers market acts as a catalyst, starting the creative process.  After that I compose dishes, trying to best showcase each item and use it to its best advantage.”

Cizma said he is truly enthused and inspired by his surroundings, making the Enchantment Resort a perfect place for him to practice his love of cooking.  He said, “I love that I set my table, literally and figuratively, in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.”

Enchantment Resort
525 Boynton Canyon Road
Sedona, AZ 86336



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