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Eggshells to pet treats! Meet Eco-Tank Winner, George Gebran, And His Egg-cellent Eco Idea

Eggshells to Dog Treats

By Michelle Glicksman

On April 22, as part of Green Living Magazine’s Earth Day Simple Solutions Summit 2019, eco-conscious start-ups had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges during the Eco-tank event. Below, meet this year’s winner.

Egg Shell Waste

A few years ago, George Gebran, who co-owns the popular U.S. Egg restaurants with his family, realized that his restaurants were throwing away eggshells. A lot of eggshells.

“We conducted a waste stream study… and realized that the eggshells we’ve been throwing away are actually more nutritious than the eggs inside!” he shares. “We learned that the eggshell is a great source of calcium and can be harvested and repurposed into pet treats. Moreover, I became aware of how eggshells are unwanted by landfill operators, as they attract rodents and vermin and are bad for the environment.”

Not only that, but according to Gebran, in the food industry, egg use in processed foods is estimated to be over 18 billion eggs used annually —creating a big problem for landfills.

“Our solution is for eggshells to be harvested and used to create calcium-rich supplements for dogs. Thus, pollution is reduced, the environment is not destroyed, and products are recycled back into the economy. We’re a part of the circular economy.”

Natural Calcium

Learning that eggshells can be used to create a natural calcium, Gebran sat down with his three children, Talia, Zaina and George, and spent six months on the research and development of recipes and two months on web development and graphic design – and 11 months after the devising the idea, Scrappy & Scraps Gourmet Pet Treats entered the market.

Scrappy & Scraps harvests the eggshells from local restaurants and hotels, and bakes them into pet dog treats, helping the food service industry lower its environmental impact while providing nutrition to dogs.

The eggshells used in Scrappy & Scraps are pasteurized and ground into an ultra-fine powder in a chemical-free process to maximize absorption.

Its benefits?

“Eggshell calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, and aids in circulation, hormone distribution, muscular movement, and neuron transmission. Eggshells also contain magnesium, which helps to regulate blood pressure and keeps the heart beating steadily,” he shares on his website, www.scrappypettreats.com.

As for other pets, they won’t be left out, either. Future plans for the company include developing a cat treat made with recycled eggshell calcium.


“Scrappy & Scraps Gourmet Dog Treats has already proven that it is feasible to harvest eggshells to create calcium-rich supplements for dogs. Scrappy was awarded membership in Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability RISN (Resource Innovation and Solutions Network) program in order to expand the eggshell collection throughout the city of Phoenix,” he says.

As for winning Green Living Magazine’s Eco-tank?

“Winning Eco-tank feels amazing! It’s a major validation to the project and brand, we’re very honored,” he says.

Michelle Glicksman is the editor in chief for Green Living Magazine.


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