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Eco Stylin'
Left: Shirt by Vertigo by Vustra, $110. Top: Tee by Organic Basics, $86. Right: Shirt by Taylor Stitch, $98. Tee by Organic Basics, $39. Pants by United by Blue, $94. Bottom: Hoodie by Zero Waste Daniel, $95. Shirt by Patagonia Bluffside Shirt, $69. Pants by Taylor Stitch, $128.

Men’s summer fashion’s are not only hip, but sustainable

By Kyley Warren

Founded in 2018 by Garik Himebaugh, Eco-Stylist serves as an online marketplace for ethically and sustainably made men’s clothing. The company works with over 40 brand partners to measure its environmental and social impact using Remake’s sustainable brand criteria. Eco-Stylist’s goal is to promote a world where sustainable clothing shopping is seamless for men. The company hopes to answer the question, “Can sustainable be dapper?”

Eco Stylin'
Tee by ISTO, $31.25. Flannel by ISTO, $75.75.

According to Himebaugh, it absolutely can.

In fact, Himebaugh describes the Eco-Stylist brand as “uncompromising.” Whether it’s
upcycled hats or hemp pants, he believes that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order
to wear eco-friendly clothing alternatives.

Eco Fashion
Shirt by Jewel by Vustra, $110. Pants by United by Blue, $94.

“You can be stylish and true to your values and sustainable; you don’t have to choose just one. At Eco-Stylist, ‘dress like you give a damn’ means the act of looking sharp without compromising your values. Our mission is to help you do that,” he says.

Eco Stylin'
Shirt by ISTO, $75.75. Blazer by Taylor Stitch, $198.


Summer Fashion
Shirt by Vustra, $110. Jeans by Taylor Stitch, $148. Shoes by Nisolo, $138.

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Kyley Warren is a freelance writer based in Phoenix, and the Assistant Editor of Green Living Magazine.

Photos by Aaron Blackburn

Models Mark Crowley, Luis Delgado, Blaine Jackson, Alexander Krzykos
Photographed on-site at FABRIC Tempe
Outfits styled by Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist
All clothing available at www.eco-stylist.com


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