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EarthX Launches Environmental Conservation TV Channel

With EarthxTV, environmentalism starts at home.

EarthX has always exhibited a unique dedication to educating and empowering people to take action towards a more sustainable future—and in many ways, it’s been a core part of the company’s identity. 

Now, the international nonprofit environmental organization is expanding their global reach through the introduction of EarthxTV, a channel that will focus exclusively on environmental conservation.

The streaming space—which is launching its OTT program in April and that will enable anyone to watch EarthxTV in their home—will feature everything from original reporting and analysis, to segments geared specifically towards global climate issues regarding technology, justice, science, and culture, among many other subjects.

Best of all—access is completely free. 

Lynn McBee, CEO of EarthX, says that the pandemic inspired the brand to really make the concept a reality.

“I think we know how fragile our environment is, and how susceptible we are to things that negatively affect our environment. Now more than ever, people are hungry for information on how they can be better stewards of the planet and how they can take care of their natural resources as a means to do their part,” says McBee. “Having a TV channel that’s focused on being able to bring all sides together is really what’s unique about EarthxTV, and the hope is that we can come together to try to make good changes for the environment, sustainability and conservation.”

The platform is designed to be accessible and informative programming that will help to bridge the existing disconnect between “disciplines, demographics, partisanships, and meaningful solutions.” And the hope is that the streaming channel will evolve into being the “Discovery Channel of environmentalism.”

While EarthxTV is one of the company’s most ambitious projects, the brand is no stranger to taking big risks in the name of environmentalism. EarthX also boasts a membership program, development department, volunteering opportunities, film content, and a number of highly-anticipated conferences. Looking ahead, fans of the brand can expect the same innovation and connectivity—albeit virtual, for the foreseeable future.

“I think through challenges comes opportunities. And with our focus being in the virtual space right now, we’ve found that we’ve already reached over 12 million people around the globe with EarthxTV. And that reach is going to be even broader when people can actually get this kind of programming in their home and on their TV,” says McBee. “Ultimately, we just want to try to do diverse programming that really lets people think about the environment and how they can participate in taking care of the planet.”

For more information, visit www.earthx.org.

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