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Eco-Friendly BBQ Tips

Earth Friendly BBQ Tips

Summer is here. And while your vacation plans might have been halted, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside and enjoy our state’s gorgeous, sunny weather. Whether your plans involve laying poolside, playing games with the kiddos on the backyard lawn, or cooking up delicious dishes for the people that you love, you’ll have free reign to indulge in all of your favorite summer activities in a fashionable (and surprisingly sustainable) manner. If you don’t believe us, take a look at some eco-friendly inspiration for your next BBQ or neighborhood block party.

Choose Reusable 

Disposable plates or red solo cups tend to be staples of BBQ’s. But this season, we encourage you to invest in some quality reusable dishware. Not only can you find cute sets at affordable prices, but choosing reusable will help to class up your next backyard occasion. Plus, it might even offer you some incentive to tap into your inner host and set a decorative spread fit for Martha Stewart, herself.

Whether it’s cloth napkins, reusable plastic plates or stainless steel pint cups, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make your next gathering fully sustainable.

Natural Decorations 

We’ll admit, wandering the aisles at Michaels can be super fun, and it can certainly offer a lot of inspiration for parties or decor. But have you ever considered that the most vibrant and cozy decorations might already be in our home or backyard? If you have flowers growing in your backyard, consider popping a few in a vase, and spreading them out on tables or around your entertainment areas. The flowers will help to brighten up the spaces with a natural essence. Additionally, consider ditching the paper or plastic banners, and sew your own with old fabric. And if you intend on having your party carry on late into the evening, consider upcycling some old mason jars and fill them with candles to provide lighting for your guests!

BYON (Bring Your Own Necessities) 

Who says that the responsibility of being sustainable should only fall on the host? We’re all able to make changes in our daily lives to ensure that our decisions are helping the planet, rather than hurting it. When you send out your invitation – which we’re hoping are digital in an effort to avoid unnecessary paper use – encourage your guests to bring their own items. Whether it’s reusable cutlery sets, tumblers or sustainable Tupperware, your BBQ guests can be a part of making the event even more special – and conscious – in the process.

Image courtesy of Shaun Montero on Unsplash.

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Kyley Warren is a freelance writer based in Phoenix and the Assistant Editor of Green Living Magazine.


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