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Cool Outrageous Stuff: Summer 2020 Edition

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Botanium Planter

Growing herbs or vegetables in the summer months can feel daunting—especially if you aren’t an experienced gardener. But with the Botanium Planter, you can tap into your green thumb indoors and grow your own produce. The product features an automatic watering system and a water tank that lasts several weeks. Plus, the hydroponic technology limits excessive water usage. Forget soil, dirt, or soil-born bugs—the Botanium Planter enables you to enjoy the fulfillment that comes along with growing your own veggies or herbs, but without the hassle. $71 for one/$120 for two at www.botanium.se.

Summer 2020 COS

Lucky Teeth Organic Charcoal Floss Picks

These biodegradable charcoal floss picks from Lucky Teeth are plastic-free and completely organic. With this product, you’re able to floss-on-the-go without feeling guilty. In addition to the sustainable nature of the floss picks, they are also complemented by organic peppermint oil. The handle is nontoxic, BPA-free, and made entirely of cornstarch. $7.99/30 picks at www.lucky-teeth.com.

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

The Philips Hue Smart Bulbs were the first connected light bulbs to earn the mark for superior energy efficiency, and the technology they incorporate has only continued to improve and become more energy-friendly ever since. Opposite to most conventional incandescent light bulbs or even CFLs, the Philips Hue Smart Bulbs are centrally operated through connective means. A user can simply connect the technology to their WiFi and control the lights via their phone. This reduces excessive energy use in homes without having to operate your electricity through additional complicated systems. $9.99 at

Summer 2020

Tico Organic Shaving Oil

Who knew that shaving could prove to be so eco-friendly? TICO Shaving Oil is an all-in-one organic shave solution that is packaged in a travel-friendly container. Don’t let the small size fool you, though—one bottle will last for more than 125 shaves, so the solution is long-lasting. Plus, the hemp and peppermint formula leaves a fantastic natural scent. What you put on your body is important, and TICO guarantees that its non-GMO-certified ingredients provide a shaving oil that not only smells great, but also feels great on your body. $19 at www.ticoshaving.com.

Summer 2020

Hold Supply Cork Toiletry Bag

If you plan to buy eco-friendly healthcare products, then it only makes sense that you similarly choose to store those products in a sustainable space. The Cork Toiletry Bag from Hold Supply is a great alternative to the conventional dopp kits—usually made of leather—that we find ourselves purchasing. The production of cork makes it an unparalleled sustainable product, and it’s translated into this creation from Hold Supply. Designed in Southern California and made of genuine cork fabric, this toiletry bag is a fantastic Father’s Day gift. $34 at www.holdsupply.com.

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