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Cool, Outrageous Stuff: October 2022

A fully customizable and space-efficient wine rack
Wine Rack


A fully customizable and space-efficient wine rack that gives back, WineHive is designed to resemble the honeycomb structure built by bees. Bottles are stored horizontally, allowing corks to remain moist. The rack’s unique, patented interlocking and expandable structure allows your wine rack to grow alongside your collection. As the brand’s design was so closely inspired by the structure and efficiency of honeycombs, WineHive donates 1%of all retail sales directly to the bee-saving efforts of Washington State University’s Pollination Program. 

$99.95, winehive.com


Briiv Air Purifier
Briiv Air Purifier

Briiv Air Purifier

Using the natural prowess of the Earth to clean the air within a space, Briiv provides the opportunity to create a healthier environment while reducing your carbon footprint. Briiv says goodbye to harmful plastic HEPA filter technology in favor of a moss, silk, and coconut structure that is perfect for at-home composting and is biodegradable. All at once, the small and compact purifier eradicates pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold spores, harmful matter, and gasses within your home or office.

$298.39, briv.com

prickly pear pointed drop necklace
Silver Medium Teardrop Cactus Necklace

Lila Clare – Botanic Cactus Jewelry

Looking for a beautiful, sustainable addition to your jewelry collection? Based in Tucson, AZ, Lila Clare creates gorgeous pendants utilizing the lost wax process with actual Prickly Pear cactus skeletons hand-casted in 100% recycled sterling silver. The collection is eco-friendly and captures the beautifully subtle intricacies of the desert. A purchase from Lila Clare supports a small woman-owned business, reinforces the local economy, and fosters human-to-human connections.

$145, Lilaclare.com

Sustainable Artisan – Coat Rack Shelf
Artisan Coat Rack Shelf

Sustainable Artisan – Coat Rack Shelf

With a mission of creating useful items without further taking from the environment, each Sustainable Artisan creation is hand-crafted from locally sourced, single-use containers, which they recycle themselves with renewable energy. The uniquely designed coat racks and entranceway organizers are waterproof, antibacterial, antifungal, mold-resistant, and weather-resistant without the use of added chemical treatments.  A creative addition to  any foyer or mudroom that you can feel good about.

$70 (shown here is the entranceway organizer in Urban Marble), sustainableartisan.com


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