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Cool Outrageous Stuff: May 2019

Concentrated Vegan Nut Mylk

Cool Outrageous Stuff

There’s nothing modest about Modest Mylk, great-tasting vegan milk made from 100% organic, natural ingredients from the earth. Modest Mylk also boasts much less packaging than the competition. What’s the secret? It comes in concentrate! Just combine water and the nut mylk base in a blender to create a delicious, healthy beverage. And better yet, this vegan, gluten-free, organic beverage comes in a variety of flavors including cashew, macadamia, coconut, oat-nut, chocolate and vanilla. Read more or purchase here: https://modestmylk.com/collections/mylk-bases

Activewear Made From Reused Plastic

Cool Outrageous Stuff

This stunning collection of activewear is created from reused plastic, letting you look good while doing good! The Girlfriend Collective website says, “We believe good things come to those who don’t waste,” and the company walks the walk. Each pair of yoga pants is made from at least 25 post-consumer water bottles sourced in Taiwan. The manufacturing process is responsible and transparent, from start to finish. All of the packaging is recyclable. So if you want to look great and keep Mother Earth looking great too, check out this clothing line. Purchase here: /www.girlfriend.com/collections/all?view=two-col

Natural Plant-Based Pest Prevention

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Got bugs? EarthKind is an award-winning natural plant-based pest prevention brand that deters mice, ants, spiders, moths, rodents and mosquitoes using plant-powered essential oils – no killing, no poisons. This award-winning and innovative “Pouch Pod” functions to supplement the repellent pouches. Putting the EarthKind pouches within the Pouch Pod extends the life of the repellent products – it can be re-used for up to three years, and then it will begin to decompose naturally. Get yours at Earthkind.com.

Wooden Sunglasses


Reduce your plastic consumption and look fabulous with these stylish wooden sunglasses from Idaho-based Proof Eyewear. Made from sustainable material, including FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, and repurposed skateboard decks, these handcrafted frames are sustainably sourced, durable, and environmentally friendly. And with a broad and unique selection of styles, you’ll love the way you look! Order yours at www.iwantproof.com/collections/wood-collection.

Yak Wool Shirt

Cool Outrageous StuffKora’s Shola 230 short-sleeve crew shirt is a soft, durable, high-performance, and sustainable shirt made from yak wool base layers – much healthier than fast-fashion synthetics! After years of research and development, the Shola tee is warmer and more breathable than Merino (weight for weight) and wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s perfect for adventures in every season, and makes a perfect gift for yourself or an active friend or relative. Kora supports nomadic Tibetan yak herders by purchasing their wool every year, helping to preserve their way of life. Buy at https://kora.echoscomm.com/



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