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Cool Outrageous Stuff: February 2020

Lazy susan

Cool Outrageous Stuff February 2020

Sharing your culinary creations was never easier than with the ingenuity and versatility of a hammered copper lazy Susan. This copper Lazy Susan is ideal for dining al fresco or indoors. Made from 100% recycled copper, it adds a touch of elegance and ensures everyone can easily join in on the feast. $208-$413 at www.amazon.com or Hughes Supply, 480.951.0124.

Tossits Car Garbage Bags

Cool Outrageous Stuff February 2020

Driving around town it’s easy to collect garbage in your car. Keep it neat with Tossits. These garbage bags, which are  made from 100% recycled plastic, fit on the back of the headrest and can be filled with dry or wet trash as needed. When the bag is full, rip it off the pack, seal it by removing the adhesive strip, and throw it away in the nearest garbage can or recycling bin. With 10 bags in each pack, you can consistently fill your bags with trash and keep your car clean and organized. $14.99 at www.tossits.com and Amazon.  

Reiss Ladles

Cool Outrageous Stuff February 2020

Produced in a carbon neutral facility using locally generated hydro power along the Ybbs river in Austria, this family-owned business has been in the Riess family for nine generations. Using a 40-step handmade process to make each enameled pot, the result is a long-lasting, heat resistant, non-reactive, anti-bacterial, cut- and scratch-resistant kitchenware. Since Riess’s porcelain enamel is all natural—including the metal oxides used in the dyes—the entire item is metal-recyclable. $29 at https://ameico.com. 

Cariloha Bedding

Cool Outrageous Stuff February 2020 Pillow

Cariloha bedding and bath are not only luxurious and comfortable, but they are also eco-friendly and planet approved. Cariloha’s products are made of viscose from bamboo—and bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, requiring no chemicals or pesticides to grow, making it 100% sustainable. Cariloha believes in giving back to a more eco-friendly world, and that is something that is implemented in each product. Pillowcases: $40-$44/set at www.cariloha.com.

Compostable Produce Bag

Cool Outrageous Stuff February 2020 Frusack

Frusack produce bags are not only a reusable bag, but compostable as well. This versatile bag is made from corn-starch based bioplastic to make it compostable and durable. It can carry a load up to 6.5 pounds and has a lifespan of two years minimum. These bags are made under fair conditions and using sustainably sourced material. And, not only are Frusack bags machine washable, but when you retire them at the end of their life, they will fully decompose in a landfill or industrial compost plant. Find them in a two packs ($13.99) or three packs ($19.99) at https://frusack.us/.

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