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Cool Outrageous Stuff – December 2017


Hydaway’s new kids-approved collapsible hydration bottle is not only reusable, portable, eco-friendly and fun to use — it is also the perfect fit for kids, who need to stay well-hydrated throughout the day. Made from flexible, BPA-free, food-grade silicone, the Hydaway Kids Bottle’s innovative, hinged design allows the empty bottle to pack down flat so it can be stashed away in a pocket, lunchbox or backpack. Designed specifically for youngsters to easily grip, it has an easy-to-use, flip-up straw for quick sips, a stable base that prevents it from tipping or spilling, and a watertight guarantee. It is available in three bright color combos: Cool Breeze, Hot Lava and Very Berry.



MPOWERD’s Luci, an inflatable solar light, was developed with the goal of making an affordable, clean energy product that people could use in any situation — from outdoor camping adventures, to backyard parties, to everyday use for people living without reliable access to electricity. They also make great gifts for the holiday season. The BYOL Stem Kit opens the door for bright young minds to learn about the power and potential of clean energy – educating the next generation about the growing importance of clean energy alternatives. The Luci Candle adds to the ambiance of your patio, yoga studio or dinner table, turning it into a soothing retreat. The collapsible Luci Outdoor 2.0 is perfect for nature lovers, giving you plenty of room for all your camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking or do-anything gear.

MPOWRD.COM  BYOL Stem Kit: $34.9,  Luci Candle: $14.95,  Luci Outdoor 2.0: $19.95


Add this socially-responsible and eco-conscious accessory to your wardrobe this December. As good for the environment as it is for your waistline, Jelt Belt’s retro-inspired, multi-functional belts are made with super-strong, stretchy elastic constructed from 100% recycled plastic bottles with a “no-show” flat buckle and a non-slip grippy inner gel that holds on tight. Moreover, Jelt Belt is not just founded to create a multi-functional wardrobe piece, it is also committed to social responsibility and donates a portion of its sales to organizations that support veterans, families and the environment. The belts are available in multiple sizes for men, women and children.

JELTBELT.COM  $24 – $32


Formulated based on leading skin nutrition science, the ZSS Radiant Skin System brings out and promote natural skin radiance, locks in moisture, rebuilds collagen and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while protecting from damaging environmental aggressors. It includes a dietary supplement and topical serum specially designed to complement and synergize with your current skincare routine, even providing additional protection against UV rays. The serum incorporates Zeaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, and other all-natural ingredients to ensure healthy skin, inside and out.

ZSS-SKINCARE.COM  $129 for 30-day program


A homogenous blend of luxury and sustainability, Eileen Fisher Recycled Cashmere is a perfect gift for this holiday season. In Italy, where some of the most beautiful and elegant cashmere clothes are made, pieces of material are left behind. Respun from these discarded garments and cutting room leftovers, the Recycled Cashmere yarns divert factory waste and reduce our environmental impact. The incredibly soft fabric will make you want to wear nothing else. It is, indeed, the most luxurious way to recycle.




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