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A Sporty Situation

Check out these eco-conscious companies creating quality sportswear and goods that do right by the planet


Moving beyond the sport-specific shoes that have been the industry norm, Lane Eight creates sustainable, functionally versatile workout shoes. Brothers James and Josh Shorrock created this with a mission to develop footwear for everyday athletes when they recognized there was a big disconnect with how brands developed and marketed their products to their end users. They also aim to reduce their reliance on Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) by incorporating algae into their midsoles, reducing the amount of EVA used. Lane Eight products can withstand all the rigors of a hard workout, with features like a stable base, durable materials, and a supportive fit. They weave sustainability with progress, committing to ever-evolving positive change, and pivoting to remain environmentally ethical as sustainable innovations become available.  Lane Eight teamed up with TencelTM to create its popular HIIT Trainer, featuring a 100% plant-based upper from eucalyptus-derived lyocell and cotton. Ultra-breathable and moisture wicking, its blend of materials are lightweight and strong at the same time. Every pair returns 31.5 liters of fresh water back to the environment and removes 64 cubic meters of carbon from the atmosphere.

Eco Sports

Eco Sports is a sustainable sporting goods company that provides vegan, eco-friendly sporting goods for a variety of sports. Its core mission is to replace leather and toxic plastics in sports equipment by using a cruelty free, sustainable TPU Vegan Leather, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. From its basketballs and footballs to soccer balls and volleyballs, this company’s vegan leather maintains the high-quality feel, bounce, and play you would expect from top traditional brands. Eco Sports also ships all products in home-compostable packaging and actively looks to offset shipping emissions. Moreover, it generously donates 10% of profits to planting trees across the nation.


WVN (wo·ven) was started by Synergy Organic Clothing’s Kate Fisher and aims to create quality, fashionable clothing while caring for the Earth and inspiring more thoughtful practices in the fashion industry. WVN’s eco-fabulous women’s collection includes chic staples like blouses and dresses, along with flattering athletic wear and loungewear. Try the Define Yoga Bra for a supportively stylish workout. Featuring GOTS-certified organic cotton and spandex and an eye-catching triple-criss-cross strap design, this bra is certain to turn heads and make you feel good at the same time. This little gem’s positive environmental impact equates to 1,255.9 days of drinking water saved, 44.6 hours of LED bulb energy saved, or 0.2 miles of driving emissions avoided when compared to a conventional garment of the same weight and manufactured in the same manner. Now that’s something to smile about.

Jessica Rey

Inspired by style icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Jessica Rey swimwear is created from luxe Italian fabrics using yarn knit from 100% regenerated pre- and post-consumer waste – think discarded and reclaimed fish nets! The company’s motto is “dignity for all” and pertains to customers and those who make the clothing. Along with swimsuits, Jessica Rey manufactures tops, skirts, and dresses in sweatshop-free factories in Los Angeles. All makers are paid a fair, living wage and treated with dignity and respect. We’re crushing on the Veronica Swim Tee, which offers both support and coverage for a fun day in the sun. Rey recommends wearing it cinched up to sport a vintage look or pulled all the way down for a classic vibe.


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