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Klima App Helps Users Reduce Carbon Footprint

Climate change has evolved into one of the most pressing issues of our time. And while information and education on how to be socially conscious have become more accessible, many people still find themselves overwhelmed with how to get started in addressing this problem within their own lives. But a new climate change app, Klima, aims to change that by helping users learn how to offset their own carbon emissions and ultimately minimize their carbon footprint.

How It Works

Klima, the Berlin-based company behind the app, found that individual carbon offsetting was one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions—and that actually produced measurable results, in the process. The movement behind this tech development was inspired by the notion that there are simple steps that we can all take to combat climate change—and you don’t have to be an activist, scientist or even an inventor, to do it.

Upon opening the app, users are asked a few questions that helps the software understand just how big their carbon footprint is. It takes into account diet, a person’s primary source of transportation, how many flights someone takes each year, and more. It then asks users to determine which offsets they’d like to financially support via a monthly subscription. The app offers a diverse range of options to ensure that the user’s money is going towards work that will produce tangible results—like solar power projects or tree-planting initiatives in Madagascar.

The Results

On occasion, the app will make suggestions about how users can alter their day-to-day lifestyles, based off of the information provided. The monthly subscription to Klima also includes a tally that’s updated in real time, which provides a visual representation of how much of an impact a person’s donations have made. 

This counter breaks their impact down into tangible units, so the user can see everything from how many kilowatt-hours of solar energy they’ve provided to how many trees have been planted.

The app is a fantastic resource for tracking your impact, identifying ways to change, and supporting worthy causes, in the process—without the hassle of researching or making direct donations to companies.

Visit the Klima website for more information.

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Article written by Kyley Warren. Warren is the assistant editor of Green Living magazine.


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