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Civana Carefree Hosts Brooke Burke’s Wellness Retreat

Celebrity trainer and lifestylist runs retreat to empower

By Voncelle Mull Hunter

The wellness consumer has spoken. The value of living well outweighs the cost. People are in pursuit of a lifestyle where wellness is no longer an aspiration. It has become the conscious discipline of their everyday lives.

In October 2018, the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) released their much-anticipated Global Wellness Economy Monitor. The report finds that the global wellness industry grew 12.8% from 2015-2017, to a $4.2 trillion market. The wellness industry has evolved from occasional spa visits, big box gym memberships, and the annual juice cleanse, and has now become a connection between the individual, the health of their family, their community, and the environment. Based on these values, people want to take control of how they choose to enrich their lives. Chicago-based wellness travel company Retreats Unlimited is exceeding those expectations.

Retreats Unlimited, established in 2015 by Tammy Petersen and Tiffani Johansen, has found their niche in the wellness travel industry by providing personalized self-care experiences with top-tier global leaders in fitness. Created to empower individuals to rise up and become their best selves, the retreats to teach others how to become such are held at prestigious hotels and resorts in North America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Their latest event was held at CIVANA Carefree, a Scottsdale luxury wellness spa retreat. The company’s unique value proposition is celebrity ambassadors who personally educate guests on how to live well. At the CIVANA Carefree event, guests came from all over the country to spend three full days with Modern Mom CEO and fitness professional Brooke Burke-Charvet. All but one guest were first-time retreaters. Many of them were familiar with Burke-Charvet as a television personality and heard about the retreat from the Brooke Burke Body Fitness App — which offers targeted workouts for anyone seeking to transform their body.

“I have found a way to connect with women worldwide through the Brooke Burke Body App. These experiences awaken things on the inside,” Burke-Charvet said. “I believe in deepening our self-care because we all need it.”

The retreat focuses on a full range of physical, emotional, and spiritual influences that affect overall health. Retreaters were comfortable joining Burke-Charvet for meals while engaging in conversations regarding their personal lives and fitness challenges.

“I think of myself more as an encourager. I feel that it is my act of service and a passion project. It is my commitment that I make to society to give back a little,” said Burke-Charvet, who has been teaching her Malibu-based Booty Burn class for the past five years for free.

The morning schedule included breakfast with Brooke, followed her signature Total Body Burn & Mindful Stretch Recovery. Best-selling weight loss author and celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise joined the group to teach retreaters about nutrition, the benefits of intermittent fasting, and created personal meal plans for guests. The afternoons were free for downtime and spa treatments.

Burke-Charvet facilitated the guided meditations, helping retreaters become present in the moment, with verbal instruction and a powerful playlist that allowed guests to embark on an introspective journey. The session evoked memories and emotions that led some guests to emotional release. Personal revelations through the guided meditation were shared in a community circle immediately after.

“Meditation is about calming down the noise. It’s about checking out of your life to check in with yourself. I like to call it playing the pause. The pause button is there for a reason and we need to know how to use it,” said Burke-Charvet.

The evening sessions included a silent spirit hike of the Sears-Kay Ruins at Tonto National Forest. Burke-Charvet is a Tucson native, and feels that the energy from the desert is very powerful, which is why she incorporates a silent spirit hike during retreats.

“I take my signs from the environment. I do not live on the water, but I drive the coast every day. I am sensitive to the energy of the water. It calms me. I can go and sit on the beach for a half-hour and reset,” Burke-Charvet said, when asked how she balances life and stays encouraged. “I understand the benefits of wellness that are far beyond the body.”

If you are looking to challenge yourself in the New Year and reset your mind, body, and spirit you can join Retreats Unlimited and Brooke Burke-Charvet, January 24th–27th 2019 at The Don CeSar Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. If you would rather pursue wellness closer to home, CIVANA Carefree will feature the next Retreats Unlimited celebrity ambassador in February 2019!

For more information regarding Retreats Unlimited and how you can join the community please visit myretreatsunlimited.com.

Voncelle Mull Hunter, LE, is the owner of Well Served Media LLC, a boutique public relations firm that specializes in spa & wellness brands. As the co-founder of the Southwest Spa Alliance, she provides postgraduate education to spa professionals and hosts annual community wellness events throughout the valley. Voncelle enjoys creating rewarding experiences which provide useful health and lifestyle information for financially disadvantaged families and communities.


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