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Certified Gold

Novus becomes the first LEED-ND community certified at any level in Arizona.

The Novus Innovation Corridor—a 355-acre, multi-phased development, which will encompass over 10 million square feet of urban mixed-use developments—recently earned an LEED-ND Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The Gold certification is noted as being the second-highest certification awarded by USGBC on its scale of Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum designations—and with the 62 points awarded to Novus, in particular, the accomplishment qualifies it as being among the top ten best-scoring LEED-ND projects of all time on a national scale.

What sets the Novus Innovation Corridor apart from other sustainable communities is the attention to detail in all aspects of its design—with walkable streets, certified green buildings, and a compact development that allows for close proximity to public transit facilities, Novus acts as the blueprint for what the future of green communities should
look like.

Its location, in particular, was a huge factor in why the community earned the Gold certification. Not only is Novus housed on Arizona State University’s (ASU) campus in the heart of the Phoenix metropolitan area, but the innovative project is also within a two-mile radius of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, and boasts a close proximity to the Valley Metro light rail and the regional highway system.

Erin McKenna, marketing manager at Novus Innovation Corridor, recognizes the magnitude of this achievement, as well as what it means for sustainable communities in the future.

“It is a remarkable achievement to earn this certification so early in a long-term project. This certification benefits future developers as well, as they will earn points towards their LEED certifications by building within a LEED-ND certified community,” says McKenna. “It’s not only a major milestone for our team and Novus, but also for the state of Arizona. Novus is the first project with the LEED-ND Gold certification in the state, which speaks a lot to the commitment the project has to sustainability and innovation.”

Novus is the result of an integrated partnership between Catellus Development Corporation and ASU.

Catellus Development—a national leader in mixed-use development that has worked since 1984 to transform military bases, airports, and urban industrial sites into vibrant commercial communities—will oversee the development of approximately 8 million square feet of additional new development within Tempe.

Brian Kearney, first vice president of Catellus, says in a statement: “We have set an early high bar within Novus both at the community and project levels, an appropriate step that is important to our partner, ASU.” Additionally, ASU will work to input its team of sustainable leaders and innovators to help take the project to new heights. Over the years, the university has garnered a world-renowned reputation for its prioritization of sustainability within a number of the university’s departments and schools.

Most notably, ASU’s new Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 7 (ISTB7)—which is still currently under construction—will mirror the efforts of buildings within the Novus community, and will reportedly achieve at least LEED Gold certification once the project is completed.

In a press release statement, Morgan R. Olsen, ASU executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer, says: “The evolution of the Novus Innovation Corridor as an exemplar of what can be accomplished through a strong partnership between an innovative global
research university and the private sector is truly exciting. Receiving LEED-ND Gold status underscores our shared commitment with Catellus to sustainable building; our collaboration continues to produce outstanding accomplishments.”

The focal point of the Novus Innovation Corridor will be a main street retail district called Novus Place. This retail-driven epicenter of the development will embrace a “live, shop, and dine” approach, and is designed to serve as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly element of the expansive lot. These projects—which prioritize the implementation of accessible public amenities—not only bring an added element of green modernization to denser urban areas, but they also help to embed economic, social, and environmental value to the communities they serve.

Novus’ first phase involved the development of a 2.1-million- square-foot Marina Heights regional hub for State Farm, and was followed by the $307 million reinvention of Sun Devil Stadium.

The project is currently working within Phase III of development, which involves the revitalization of a 19-acre area at the northwest corner of University Drive and Rural Road. Beyond the completion of the 777 Tower in June 2020, the Hyatt House hotel also opened its doors in August 2020.

Once fully developed, Novus will contain more than 10 million square feet of offices, residences, hotels, retail and entertainment uses. “We hope that Novus can be a model for sustainable, urban development throughout Arizona. Sustainability is one of

Novus’ pillars, and we will continue to integrate energy-efficient design and cutting-edge technology within our mixed-use communities,” says McKenna.

Visit www.novusasu.com, call 480.566.9900, or email NovusASU@catellus.com for more information about

Novus Innovation Corridor and the partnership’s LEED-ND Gold certification.

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