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Brands We Love: Kate’s Real Food

While Wyoming-based adventurer, Kate Schade, was balancing a life made up of skiing, working, and constantly being on-the-go, she found herself in need of an energy source that could preserve her spirit and ensure that she showed up as her best self everyday.

The food industry is made up of a number of different energy bars and refined granola brands—but while many make big promises on the quality of their products, their ingredients often tell a different story.

Schade was inspired to start something different—a business model that was built on transparent brand management and the goal to create tasty food using only wholesome, organic ingredients to help fuel you throughout your day-to-day—or even on your next big adventure.

And in 2010, Kate’s Real Food was born.


The Tram Bar—a pocket-sized, energy ridden, and completely decadent treat—was the company’s first original product, and an instant hit. Today, the brand now offers five other original flavors.

Clean ingredients are the common thread that runs throughout each bar—with no chemicals or artificial sweeteners, Kate’s Real Food uses everything from organic, gluten-free oats to dark chocolate, dried cherries and all-natural honey.

Beyond the healthy, conscious product line of granola bars, Kate’s Real Food prides itself on being a sustainable company. As an organization, they prioritize sustainability by recycling plastics, glass, paper, metals and cardboard.

Down to each box, lightbulb and wrapper, the company is constantly finding ways to reduce waste. Their team “celebrates every adventure, knowing that we all have a special connection to the land.”

For more information on Kate’s Real Food, visit www.katesrealfood.com.

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