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Billie Eilish and Nike Air Jordans Team Up to Create Sustainable Shoes

These two big names are stepping forward into a greener future.

Billie Eilish and Nike Air Jordans are stepping into a sustainable future together.

The 19-year old Grammy-winning artist has never been shy about speaking up for what she believes in. This week, she announced her partnership with Nike Air Jordans, which includes two unique and exclusive designs for sustainable shoes that are 100% vegan and made with over 20% recycled materials.

The collection includes a camo-tan colored pair of Nike Air Jordan 15s and a bright green pair of Air Jordan 1 KOs. These colors are inspired by the cover of her current album, “Happier Than Ever” and Eilish’s trademark lime green hair era, reminiscent of her first album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”

In an Instagram post on September 20, she posted photos of herself wearing both pairs of shoes. “i am SO excited to finally share my two air jordan silhouettes with you!!” she wrote in the caption. “i’ve always loved [Jordans] and it was such an incredible and surreal experience getting to create these, especially in sustainable fashion (100% vegan with over 20% recycled material).”

She went on to explain that both shoes launch on September 27, 2021 on store.billieeilish.com and on September 30 on Nike’s new SNKRS app, an online shopping platform that acts as the “Ultimate Sneaker Source” for customers.


This isn’t the first time Eilish has put her foot down this month about her personal principles and her dedication to the planet. At last week’s 2021 Met Gala, she chose to wear a feminine tulle gown designed by Oscar de la Renta, diverging from her signature oversized streetwear looks. But before she did, she made one thing clear: she refused to wear the dress unless Oscar de la Renta stopped incorporating real animal fur in all of their designs. Her wish was their command, leading her to make a statement on the red carpet that night in more ways than one.

Eilish makes it a point to maintain her morals and sustainability practices despite her international fame a refreshing philosophy put into place by a fresh face in the music industry. Hopefully, her sustainable shoes will inspire more young stars to take the first step towards living their most conscious and sustainable lives.

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