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Best Of Arizona

No matter where your interest lies, Arizona has it all. Green Living Magazine has compiled the nominations for all 16 categories in this year’s BEST OF ARIZONA. Help support your favorites by casting a vote by July 15th, then be sure to check out the September Issue to see the winners.

When Green Living chose the categories for the first Best Of Arizona issue, range was an important factor. These industries are paving the way for the next step in sustainable innovation. From the futuristic details on the newest EV, to their iconic charging stations popping up worldwide. Now, companies like Tesla, Polestar, Lucid Motors, Nikola Corporation and Electra Meccanica are envisioning a new future and making sustainable transportation more accessible to everyone. 

We have all tried to upcycle thrifted clothes or buy clothes made from eco-textiles. My Sister’s Closet, Redemption Market, Eco Fashion Corp, Activ Intimates, and Goodwill are truly the leading edge of responsible business practices. They make curating a “green” wardrobe easier and Green Living is curious which one you shop at the most.

Green Living walks its readers home to discuss what their favorite Sustainable Home Design, Sustainable Home Products, and Beauty Products are. This is where beauty, functionality, and sustainability come together to create a new way of looking at home design.  These are all products and systems specifically designed for home use; innovative, and green. 

Green Living asks about the household brand names you talk about the most, like Intel, DLR Group, Siemens, Napa Green and Ikea. They are all making global changes and lowering their carbon footprint and Green Living is curious which one your household thinks is doing the best job. 

Speaking of homes, Green Living included Realtors as a category to ask readers which local real estate professional whose commitment to sustainability has garnered them the title of Best Realtor of Arizona this year. Categories like this along with the Green Leader and Small/Medium Business are dedicated to providing  their community with a level of eco-consciousness they never dared to imagine. 

Small businesses such as Desert Botanical Gardens, Recycled City, The Churchill, Crescent Ballroom and Arizona Wilderness Brewery, are embodying the ideals of sustainable living and exist right in your neighborhood. Green Living wondered which business you see doing the most to strengthen your community’s sustainability.

Beyond your every-day life and surroundings, Green Living wanted to see where you spent your time off. The nominees in categories like Weekend Getaway and Afternoon Getaway each offer a unique experience and mini adventure to cherish. 

Finally, Green Living knows Health and Wellness is as important to it’s readers as their eco-conscious choices. Categories like this along with Farmers Markets/Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Vegan Restaurants lets us know what culinary experiences to recommend to our readers going forward. 

Lastly, every company nominated for our Best Of Arizona awards is doing their part in building a future that includes a happy planet and people but only some are Most Likely to Change the World. The nominees in this category have the potential to do or be something extraordinary. Which one will it be?

Each leader, company, product, professional, and small business has attained a level of success simply by being nominated. Therefore, they are all winners. But only one in each category will be recognized as the BEST OF ARIZONA. Don’t miss your chance to help pick the winners!


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