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Bees4Seas Is A Leader In Zero-Waste Products

As the vitality of the ecosystem continues to decline, companies like Bees4Seas is working to create zero-waste solutions for consumers.

As more and more plastic pollutes our oceans and entangles wildlife, the vitality of that ecosystem continues to decline. This becomes an even larger problem when those chemicals are found in the food we eat, resulting in long-term health issues that are not easily remediable. Although there are many more, these are the immediate consequences we face due to the irresponsible consumption and disposal of plastic products. As a result, organizations have taken the initiative in finding the solutions that reduce the impact of such waste. Bees4Seas is one of them, as it is committed to providing the plastic-free products that won’t harm the environment or your family. Using its zero-waste kitchen products is a great way for conscious consumers to get a head start in reducing their carbon footprint. 

Brand Beginnings

Melissa Eastin, founder and owner of Bees4Seas, shares that her company is the result of her own journey with sustainability. Once she found an alternative to all the plastic she and her family would use in the kitchen, she found that the few that were already being sold were manufactured abroad with unnatural ingredients like synthetic beeswax. That’s when she decided to create a version that was made locally without any toxins. Since then, she has advocated for conscious consumption, hoping that a product like her Natural Beeswax Wrap would have a positive impact on how others view sustainability. With the belief that the products we buy should reflect our values, Melissa always asks herself if there is a more sustainable option available to her, although it may require a little more time and patience. That being said, the small changes made at home can have a significant impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

Like cling wrap, Bees4Seas’ Natural Beeswax Wrap is malleable, seals food, and keeps it fresh. 

But there is a huge difference between the two. This Bees4Seas product is handcrafted from all-natural, organic ingredients that have been sourced from local farmers in Arizona, Kentucky, and Georgia. The list of high-quality ingredients includes cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and pine resin—all of which enable the wrap to be free of chemicals and dyes. In addition, this sustainable alternative is reusable, as the antibacterial properties of beeswax and coconut oil  allow for a more durable product. It can even be rejuvenated with more beeswax and repurposed into strips to make plant ties and fire starters. And as if this product couldn’t get better, Bees4Seas wraps are compostable and biodegradable. So once they are worn out, simply toss them out without the guilt of creating any waste.

How to Support

Bees4Seas’ eco-friendly products can be purchased on its website and Amazon. Visit either to find out more about the company and its pricing. Its Facebook page is also a great way to stay updated on new content surrounding its zero-waste alternatives.

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