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Agave Farms: Go Garden Kit

Agave Farms

The Ready Go Garden Kit System Helps Everyone Create a Garden

By Angel Fuchs

Nestled in the heart of the bustling metropolis of Phoenix, set along one of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, sits Agave Farms, home of Fresh Food Collab project, and featuring the Ready Go Garden Kit system. A system that will make your dream garden come true. 

The Most Innovative Urban Gardening Solution Ever

For many, having a garden seems impossible for all the problems that arise when building one. But having the perfect garden should not be unachievable anymore with the Ready Go Garden Kit. The “All in One” system is designed for small spaces such as patios, balconies, rooftops, and even concrete slabs in the backyards. Concerns with space, lack of knowledge on the irrigation system, or simply the hassle of dealing with bad soil is resolved with this simple system. The Ready Go Garden Kit provides an effortless experience saving space and time, benefiting children, families, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

The kit includes everything needed to start growing fresh, healthy produce in virtually any space, putting ease and confidence into urban gardening. It includes proprietary soil, a full irrigation system, heirloom seeds, layout patterns, an instructional video, a seasonal planting guide, an optional, easy to handle table designed to prevent bending and kneeling, taking backaches out of gardening.

The system also comes with supplementary kits like the Cover Kit, which helps with temperatures, birds and pests, and the Tool Kit that contains all required tools to maintain beautiful, healthy gardens. Dealing with weeding will not be an issue since the bags’ soil is organic and composted to remove pathogens and provides the best possible growing environment. The entire system goes together easily, and if the simple instructions are followed, consumers should be on their way to harvest good food in their own gardens. 

“We liken this system to learning a musical instrument, but we’ve taken the time it takes to master it out of the equation,” explains Bobbie Potts from Agave Farms. “Within 90 days you can be harvesting good, nutritious food.” These kits were developed with the help of large-scale farmers, agronomists and microbiologists to achieve ultimate growth and nutrition. 

The Story

The 30-year-old landscape company, Agave Environmental Contracting, has built the most impressive and prominent landscapes in the Valley. What characterizes the company is its passionate and highly experienced team, who are always looking for ways to spread their knowledge. This is how Agave Environmental opened Agave Farms, a community garden that serves as an experiential venue for plants and food production education and as a sanctuary for non-profit organizations to hold events. After the realization that Agave Farms, as a single location was not enough to serve the sprawling Valley, Urban Farming Education (UFE) was formed out of the desire to build gardens throughout the Metro area targeting groups in difficult situations.

To fulfill UFE’s mission, the Ready Go Garden Kits development started- creating a modular, mobile and sustainable system that directly impacts children and families. Since UFE inception in late 2018, five gardens using the Ready Go Garden Kits have been built for homeless shelters like UMOM New Day Centers, Grace Church, as well as for domestic violence shelters like CPLC de Colores and Thrive AZ, and Espiritu Schools, a charter school located in South Phoenix. The members of these organizations have learned the basics of gardening, food produce, and sustainability. UFE’s goal is to have 1,000 urban gardens set up around the Valley by 2025.

To learn more about Agave Farms and the Ready go Garden Kits, please visit www.agave-farms.com.

To donate to Urban Farming Education, please visit www.urbanfarmingedu.org.

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Angel Fuchs is a freelance writer and owner/editor of Yay Baby!, a mom-friendly lifestyle blog with a focus on family, fun and food! She loves to write and is an avid home-cook but her main job is personal assistant and private chauffeur to her 7-year-old daughter, Jax.


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